Anyone who knows me knows I love hair. Styling it, colouring it, braiding it, just out right being creative with it. In our household, I am the designated hairstylist. I have to give the seal of approval before anyone makes any hair decisions.

My love for hair started at a very young age. I loved playing with my moms hair. We would pretend she was in my hair salon for her weekly hair appointment. The hairstyles I would give her were so ridiculous, but I just thought I created a master piece. She would be so happy with her hairstyle and seeing her that happy made me feel like I had a special talent.

As a child I never really liked my hair and that’s because it was different to everyone else in my family. They all have black, thick and long hair. I on the other hand have ginger (goldish tinge when im in the sun) not so thick but long enough hair. I always thought my hair looked like I went to play in the sand and forgot to dust it out. This frustrated me, so i learnt a few tricks. One of them being, I would put black shoe polish is me hair. Hahaha, yes I know I went to the extreme.

As a teenager I experimented a lot with my hair. One time i decided i wanted to go blonde, only problem is I ended with four colours. My hair colour ranged from ginger(my natural colour), platinum blonde, dirty blonde to maroon. Quite a rebelous time I will say.

After my wild experiences with colouring and cutting my hair and having relaxed hair, last year December i decided to go back to have natural hair. In the beginning it was quite challenging because i was addicted to that creamy crack (hair relaxer). I was in love with the nice silky, soft straight hair i would get after I relaxed my hair. That creamy crack definitely worked wonders but, I always felt my hair did not feel or look as healthy as it could be. I wanted my hair to be thick, lush, long and most of all healthy.

Relaxer Hair
My relaxed hair

When I decided to transition back to natural hair, I was faced with two ways I could go about it. I could either go the big chop route (let me be real with you, big chop scared me half to death. That to me is too big a step, change and transition for me to make on one day) or I could transition back gradually.

Beginning of my transition
Beginning of my transition

On this journey to natural hair, my go to hair oils are castor oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. These oils help keep my hair healthy, soft, moisturised and aids with hair growth. Out of all the oils, castor oil is my favourite. It helps thicken the hair, it contains vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant and it promotes healthy blood circulation in the scalp. Castor oil contains omega-9 fatty acids that help lock moisture in to your hair and scalp. Most importantly, it reduces hair breakage and split ends. With that said, for the next three months I’m going on a castor oil challenge.

What is the Castor Oil Challenge?

The castor oil challenge is a challenge involving the repeated application of castor oil to the hair for a specified amount of time. In my case I’ll start off with three months. During this time I will document any changes that I notice to my hair, especially in terms of length and thickness.

Before we get started, there are a few things you need to do for the challenge.

  1. You need to determine your hair type. Those with fine, thin and straight hair can take advantage of castor oil because it can add volume to their hair. Those who have curly or kinky hair are much more prone to hair breakage, but castor oil can help protect against this. Castor oil can help kinky or curly hair retain more moisture, making it more manageable and less prone to damage.
  2. You need to determine how dry your hair is. Those who have dry hair often benefit more from.the challenge, as castor oil hydrates hair. Those who have naturally greasy hair might want to refrain from using castor oil, since this will only make their hair look greasy.

Expected results of the Castor Oil Challenge

  1. You should expect your hair to become healthier in appearance.
  2. You may find your hair grows more quickly than usual, as castor oil gives your hair the boost it needs to keep growing at an optimal rate.
  3. You should expect fewer incidences of dandruff and dry scalp, as well as softer and more manageable hair.
My hair currently
My hair currently

My journey to natural healthier hair starts today… If you want to do this challenge with me, I absolutely encourage it. Just leave a comment below and we can share our results.