This piece was written by my best friend Daisy. She’s an amazing writer that inspires me to write and really challenge myself. This piece is about Two people who love each other but it’s “complicated”, and how many times has that happened to any of us? I hope you love it as much as I do. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Afternoons spent laid out on the couch
Bodies intwined, love in mind
TV on, provides the backdrop
Naughty stare, souls left bare
Gentle touch, doesn’t take much

Phone goes off
Sinking feeling, mind left reeling
Undercover glance
Let’s play pretend

Come and pick me up
Get some food, what normal couples do
Play fights, long nights
Oh is this your girl
Awkward silence

Let’s hash this out
Too much compromise, leads to despise
That boy loves you
Yeah but…
He loves her too

Block it out, let’s hang out
Dress to kill
Paranoia, I can’t ignore
Dinner for one, he won’t come

Hey, what happened with you and…
It’s over
You two looked perfect together
Subtle chuckle…
The devil is in the detail