I haven’t written in a while, lack of inspiration I would say. Most people would say at the touch of love we all become poets, I guess I’m some what the exception to the rule :). How many times are we scared to fall in love again because we are too afraid to get hurt? We tend to compare our previous partner with our current partner. Which isn’t right because they are two different people. That is what Coeur Surveillé (Guarded Heart) about. I hope you like it. All comments are welcome.

Scars of the past. Bears them on her heart. Bruised and broken, she tries hard not to fall apart. They all come with good intentions… Or so it seems. But memories from before, she craves them like a fiend.

She’s more you than you are. You are more her than she is. In a parallel universe but still seen as one. Unintentionally you hurt her, with comparisons she hurt you.

She doesn’t put walls up because she dislikes you but,  hides behind a guarded heart to prevent any pain that resembled the past.

Boomerang no child’s play.  Her seductive eyes always make you stay. Her beauty… Your demise. Her truth… Their lies. Tainted, she can’t see through the broken glass she calls reality.

Been lied to too many times. Even the truth sounds like lies. Trying to see passed these blurred lines. Hero you try to be. The beauty you see, you try to free. Cut yourself trying to piece her world back together.  Her stormy world you’re determined to weather.

Falling victim to a fairytale.  But the end no one can tell. She knows you are the one. Afraid, she won’t admit. She keeps you around… Safety net.

Alone in the dark. Heaviness weighing on her heart. Freedom is a foreign concept.  Distress and uncertainty are a normality.