Here I stand
Do you see
A shadow of the person I used to be
A figment of your imagination
You left and left me waiting
Now look at what you’ve created

I barely recognise myself
Can you tell?
Do you see
What you’ve done to me

I saw it happen
Slowly faded to black
Until nothing was left
But you did

Sometimes I have mixed feelings
About that feeling
Then I think about how it gave me healing
Every part of you that disappeared
Took a part of me
Transforming me into someone else
Can you see it?
Reincarnated and rose from the ashes like a phoenix
Swear if you saw me now you wouldn’t believe it
I’m stronger
I’m wiser
I’m tougher
I’m better than ever
You took me apart
I put myself back together

I rebuilt myself
Can you tell?
Do you see

I am the person I was meant to be
You were a necessary evil
For without you
There wouldn’t be me

I am The Shadow of my old Self.