For You

Even when I know that I really shouldn’t




For You

Every now and then 

My Favourite drug

Drugs me once again

Like morphine to the brain

You take me on a high

That I can’t explain

Benumbed by this high

Every time that I say your name

Can you feel my pain?

I look at You

I look at us

The us we used to be…


We were a team

Before the you the I in between

Before your love was opiate 

And all I was to you was just another fiend

When I still craved your soul and not your being

We were happy

I know we were 


The love we shared

Was like my soul had known your soul lifetimes ago

God, I loved you…

There was no truer truth

Every fiber of my being had love for you

Help me…

I just want to stop the pain

Clenching my pillow to my chest

Hoping it’ll do like you did and just go away

Thoughts of what happened to forever,

What happened to our infinity


All the promises broken 

Wishing I did things differently.

Would that even make a difference to you?

I’ve tried to… I really want to…

Pick up the pieces and move on

Instead I’ll just lie here until I don’t have to

And pretend to be strong

With my arms wrapped around myself

Can you hear my silent cry for help?

Lost in my brokenness

Eyes closed hoping to find myself.