This piece was written by my amazing sister Emily-Sarah and I felt it was just too good to be kept for myself, I needed to share. Have you ever felt like shouting “I’m not her” to a guy just so that he can understand you are not the same person as the woman who hurt him? This piece encompasses that. Her words spoke everything  I haven’t had the courage to say out loud. I hope you like it as much as I do. Don’t forget to comment and like  😉

I don’t know who hurt you but I’m not her.
I don’t know who made you so distrusting but I’m not her.
I don’t know who made it so that you won’t let anyone in, walls so high they’re almost insurmountable but I’m not her.
I’m. Not. Her.

Tell me why, why you’re so guarded-won’t lay yourself bare.
Why you won’t let yourself be naked-naked in soul.
Tell me your inner most fears, your deepest insecurities, your secrets- I promise they’re safe with me…I’ll be the pages of your diary.

All I ever wanted was for you to be truly happy…
One day you’ll meet her, her who lights up a room when she walks in. It’s like the spot light was created for her to stand in (she doesn’t even need it because she shines from within) and you’re her only audience.

When you see HER you’ll know, she will be what’s been missing. You’ll recognize the same Spirit of God in you in HER. Without words spoken you’ll know that with HER you’re secure, that you can trust HER, that she is and always will be loyal to you, that she will love you without reserve or condition. She will create a haven of peace, she will fight for you with everything and stand by you in everything.

Suddenly you’ll realize that every hurt, every pain, every lie you were ever told, every moment you spent waiting, trusting, hoping she’d show up will be worth it- she is worthy, worthy of your heart, worthy of your love, worthy of you, worthy of all of you!!!

Let HER in, don’t blow it! I know you’re nervous because what if she ain’t the one? She’s probably seen you too by now and feels the same way. She’s prayed for you, for this moment to come. Best believe she’s been hurt too, lied to…pain so deep you wonder how she made it through.
She has Christ in her you see, He mended every part cut open, told her that He’d give her beauty for ashes, the oil of gladness for a spirit of heaviness, that if she drank from His well she’d never thirst again. He restored her and made her whole, whole for you!

She stands firm in her identity in Him, she will not be shaken.  Virtuous, beautiful, bold and balanced. You don’t ever have to worry about whether you’re good enough.

So take the leap, you won’t fall neither will you fail. With Jesus at the centre, what you’ll have is fireproof!