The first time I fell in love

I dove

Head first

Completely immensed myself

I didn’t know what the hell I was getting into

But I loved it…

And I hated all at once

It happened at a time when

I was looking for any sort of distraction

From the pain of losing my world

I needed to feel a different kind of pain

And boy, weren’t you perfect

It was a fast kind of love, super intense

Loving you was the most exquiste form of self destruction

An unfortunate fortunate experience

One I haven’t quite fully recovered from

… Will I ever?…

The second time I fell in love

Was a deliberate event

I took the scenic route

I loved thoroughly and cautiously

Daring not to repeat the same mistakes

No distractions needed

The first time taught me better

It was a slow kind of love

I took my time with it

Ran from it a few times

Too petrified to admit

I loved you with every piece of my soul

True love?

One would think

Love is easy some say

And I thought I had found it

I was careful this time

I followed the rules this time

But, that’s not how this game is played

Following the rules

Doesn’t guarantee

The Love will stay

Now, all I’m left with are

Lies, Half truths,

Empty promises

And a shattered heart

And it all began with…

The First Time